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June Flower: Rose

June Flower: Rose

Jun 15th 2017

Nothing Says June Romance Like Roses

Red Rose

Flowers and shrubs in the Rose genus come in a wide variety of color, with the history of the flower's use dating back more than 5000 years, with Chinese and Greek gardeners raising roses dating back to 500. B.C. European cultivators have breeding roses since the 17th century and the introduction of the China rose in the 19th century really influenced future rose gardens.

There are many legends involving the rose, including a very popular legend that states Cupid, the son of Venus, shot arrows accidentally into a rose garden when he was stung by a bee. The resulting 'sting' from the arrows is what gave the flower its thorns. Venus pricked her foot on a thorn while walking in the garden, and the blood droplets from her wound are what gave the red rose its color. Many people associate rose colors to means, such as "I Love You" (red roses), "I Am Worthy Of You" (white roses), "You Are My Secret Love" (orange roses), "You Are Heavenly" (white roses), "I Am Not Worthy Of Your Love" (yellow roses), "We Are Inseparable" (white and red roses) and "Please Believe Me" (pink roses). These meanings can change from person to person, but the everlasting beauty of the rose remains.

About Roses

By any other name, they'd still smell so sweet... and be so adored! With so many varieties and colors, the meanings are seemingly endless. All colors have their meanings rooted in love and affection, with variations for each color. Red captures the essence of romance, while white speaks of innocence.

Rose Colors and Their Meanings

  • Coral Rose conveys desire 
  • Black Roses signify Death 
  • Lavender Roses symbolize love at first sight and enhancement 
  • Orange Roses indicate enthusiasm, desire and fascination 
  • Pink (Deep) says Thank You 
  • Pink (Light) conveys admiration, gentleness, grace, gladness, joy and sweetness 
  • Pink Roses carry the message of happiness, gracefulness and gentleness 
  • Red Roses symbolize sincere Love, Respect, Courage & Passion 
  • Red (Dark) Rose reveals unconscious beauty 
  • Red (Single) means "I Love You" 
  • Red & White Roses together signify unity 
  • Single Rose in any color expresses simplicity and gratitude 
  • White Roses express purity/heavenly, secrecy, silence, innocence and charm 
  • White (Bridal) Rose symbolizes a happy love 
  • Yellow Roses indicate joy, gladness, friendship and "I Care"  
  • Yellow Rose with Red Tip indicates friendship falling in Love

According to fossil evidence, the rose is a whopping 35 million years old. During Roman times, they were used as confetti at celebrations, as perfume, or even for medicinal purposes. Moving into the 1600's they were in high demand - so much that they were treated as legal tender! In modern times, they've made their way into gardens, vase arrangements, and bridal bouquets, as well as into the hearts of many a romantic. 

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