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How to Keep Your Indoor Succulents Looking Their Best

How to Keep Your Indoor Succulents Looking Their Best

Jun 19th 2018

How To Care For Succulents

Succulents are incredibly beautiful and popular plants that are generally easy to care for when they’re outside. Bringing them indoors presents a few challenges any plant parent must be prepared for. This doesn’t mean caring for indoor succulents is impossible, you’ll just need to keep these simple steps in mind when learning how to care for succulents.

Choose Indoor Succulents Wisely

Succulent care starts off by choosing which succulents you want blooming in your house. These plants come in a variety of vibrant colors from red to purple and orange. While each color provides its own beauty and energy, brighter colored succulents are also a lot more temperamental with the elements. For beginner indoor succulent care, we recommend choosing green.

Direct Sunlight is Key

The trickiest part of caring for indoor succulents is getting them the right amount of sunlight. These desert native plants are used to soaking up sunlight all day to thrive, so keeping them in direct sunlight indoors is a key to keeping them vibrant and lively. Make sure you place your Bouq of succulents close to a window where sunlight shines through the majority of the day.

If you succulent needs more sunlight you’ll be able to tell by the way it grows. As indoor succulents yearn for sunlight, the leaves and stems will start to curve and reach toward the sunlight in your house. Be mindful of the look of your succulent’s leaves. In the warmer seasons, your plant can get sunburned if placed too close to the window.

Pay Close Attention to Watering

Succulents are very different from other common indoor plants, and this is mostly due to their need for water. These plants need a lot of water but not at frequent times. Watering succulents every day is the quickest way to kill them, so keep them on a different watering schedule than your other indoor plants. praying them with a bottle will help them survive but will not keep them strong enough to last for as long as they can with proper watering.

The best method of watering your succulents is to drown the soil. Succulents expect a heavy rainfall whenever they’re watered, and their roots soak up as much water as they can. This is all the water they need until the soil is completely dry. This is how you can easily tell when the next appropriate time is to water your succulent. If you press down on the soil and it still feels damp, wait another day until it is dry.

Choose the Right Container

A very common mistake new indoor succulent owner’s make is planting their succulent in a container that will easily cause it to wilt and die. Glass containers and vessels without a drainage hole will cause your succulent to quickly wilt. Succulents do not like to sit in damp soil. A pot with a drainage hole is the perfect vessel for this plant. Succulents thrive off of proper airflow and having the right container will guarantee healthy roots, leaves, and stems.

Use the Correct Soil

While regular plant soil may be your first choice, your indoor succulents will thank you for choosing a good draining soil. Succulent and cactus draining soil is the perfect soil when planting a new succulent. This soil will help prevent root rot and will lessen the chance of you over watering your plant. Make sure to pair good draining soil with a proper draining container when planting your indoor succulents.

Order Beautiful SucculentToday

Now that you know how to care for succulents, you can choose from our variety of beautiful indoor succulent. At Flowers by Matthew we offer beautiful succulentthat feature breathtaking flowers which complement each other perfectly. With this guide, you’ll know exactly how to care for succulents, too!